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2nd UKRATOP project workshop

3 December 2018, IFW Dresden, Room D2E.31


The aim of the meeting was to discuss the organizational questions and listen to short (10+5 minutes) presentations of the students and postdocs. During the 5 minutes after-talk discussions it was expected that supervisors give an overview of the scientific plans.


Bernd Büchner - Opening remarks

Marion Malkoc - UKRATOP – tasks, finances and reporting

Volodymyr Bezguba: Electronic structure of iron-based superconductors under external factors

Pavel Khanenko: Investigation of Abricosov vortices in iron based superconductors

Anastasiia Korniienko: Magnon band structures in nanowires with periodic curvature

Iryna Kovalchuk: Effect of substitution in PtBi2 - single crystals


Nikolay Kovbasa: The rudiments of studying organic semiconductors

Vitaly Romaka: Half-Heusler and Heusler phases for Thermoelectric Application

Yuliia Shemerliuk: Optimizing the synthesis and crystal growth in 2D magnets

Kostiantyn Yershov: Spontaneous deformations of elastic magnetic films induced by chiral magnetic interactions

Concluding discussion



Lab tours and bilateral discussions